Kyoto Protocol

December 2004, Albania's Parliament adapted the law for ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. The law enters into power 15 days after its publication to the official bulletin.

Synthesis Report on Climate Change Activities Carried out in Albania

A synthesis stocktaking report is produced as the main output by serving of dual purpose: It is being used as a baseline document for the Second National Communication (SNC) proposal, as well as an input to identify and validate priorities for further in-depth studies and new areas of work to be carried out in the course of the SNC. In addition, it will provide an assessment of gaps, uncertainties, barriers and lessons learnt during previous and ongoing activities. The second output of the stocktaking is the elaboration of the Project proposal for the SNC.

Project Document: "Enabling Albania to prepare its Second National Communication to the CoP of the UNFCCC"

This project aims at enabling Albania to prepare and report its Second National Communication with the Conference of the Parties (CoP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) according to 17/CP8 and other guidance provided. It will be a follow up of previous studies already identified under a stocktaking exercise. The project will be working under a priority area / category selection approach in order to allocate resources in the most effective manner. The main components of the project are: (a) an inventory of greenhouse gases for the year 2000 and time series 1994-2000; (b) an update of analysis of potential measures to abate the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in Albania; (c) an assessment of potential impacts of climate change in a selected area of Albania and adaptation measures; (d) preparation of the Second National Communication of Albania and submission to the CoP. In addition, public awareness activities and stakeholder consultations will be cross-cutting along the overall course of this exercise therefore, the preparation of the Second National Communication is expected to enhance general awareness and knowledge on climate change-related issues in Albania , and help into highly taking them into account in the process of national planning and policy.